Friday, 13 March 2009

Dog of the Week

Have a laugh and grab a bargain with this weeks 'Dog Of The Week'

Each week we'll feature a 'must not' have product you just can not do without.

Make sense, I thought not :-) visit the site and you'll see what we mean.
And make sure you have your volume turned up. Woof!

Halfcost is stock clearance web site with a fantastic selection of stock clearance items ranging through top branded clothing and footwear, homestyles, gifts, grade A refurbished electrical items AND an amazing range of Cotswold furniture, seconds and perfect end of line stock, at unbelievable prices. Get the best for less.

Halfcost regularly brings you over 1000 individual limited stock lines to choose from - all on clearance and all at rock bottom prices.

Be sure to visit us on a regular basis as the site is always being updated with new and interesting stock at prices you can not afford to miss.

Remember when these last chance offers are gone, they're gone for good!

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